Saturday, 12 March 2011

A reaction to the backstage happenings...

Have I ever felt as anxious as this? If I have, I have no recollection of it. It could not have been so important if I cannot recall it. No I have never been this anxious, this nervous and excited and terrified. I cannot speak, though not for lack of trying. The words simply won't form or, if they do, I cannot force them to move past my lips.

Oh, my lips. These lips have often whispered to you by the stage, bullied you on the stage and still I can say nothing of this to you. Instead, I go on as though the thought had never entered my mind, like the day we met, that fateful day that set us on this path.

I shall walk this path until I cannot walk any longer or there is no path left for me to to walk. The wheels have been set in motion and from here on they will only gain momentum until a speed to suit us is found.

Found you, I did, like a jewel; Mine own and yet not mine own. Glittering in the stage lights, that is where I found you. So beautifully perfect in your glorious finery. I stood in shadows to watch you. I will do so again tonight as you storm across the stage. I will stand by you when I cannot watch you and, when I can do neither, I will wait with you in my thoughts until such a time as I can.

And my thoughts do dwell on you now, every time my pen is lifted from the paper. My heart beats erratically when I think on your face. My stomach churns as I wonder what you will say next I see you. My head grows dizzy as my thoughts spin in circles and spiral out of my control. I could not sleep nor barely rest last night as I lay in bed, constantly fretting over what is to come.

No, I have never been so anxious as this.

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  1. ditto, ditto, ditto.

    And when you look back on the places we have traveled footsteps will cover the landscape, lovingly, supportively. And to pinch a poem, in the toughest times there will be one print where we have carried each other.