Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Laughable Truth

It's true. I am a terrible liar. And yet I had half the cast of the last production I was in convinced that one of the other actors was my brother for a portion of the time. So perhaps I am so unbelievable I am believable? No, I just bullshit too often.

So when someone thought I had given them a gift, but I knew nothing about it except that it was similar to another gift I had given to someone else, would they believe me when I say that it wasn't me? I'm not sure. But whoever gave it to him, he liked it, just putting it out there.


  1. I knew it! I knew it! It is a beautiful picture. Ah, but I didn't know it was similar to the one you gave B - you hid it very well.

    There was a smile in your eye, brighter than diamonds, when you denied authorship which made me think it was you, but you quickly covered it up and convinced me otherwise with words.

    Trust not words, they can lead you astray.

  2. I gave B a picture of Cobweb and 'Love in Idleness.' She was so happy. It was nice to make her smile.