Wednesday, 25 May 2011


There is magic in you. I have seen it...

At first, I could barely see it, and then -BAM- I saw it very clearly.
IT SCREAMED OUT, I couldn't avoid it. I didn't want to either

I wanted to bask in its glory and wonder, but how to do it without drawing attention to the fact I was? I could have gotten myself in trouble if I had.
A lot of trouble.
More than it was worth, given it seemed you barely noticed I was there.

Actually, it felt like I got in your way a lot.
But you didn't push me away.

You let me hang around a little more.
And a little more.
We talked and discussed and debated.
And we shared.

I found myself with you without trying.
I had to turn and walk away sometimes because I didn't know I had done it till I was there.
And then you started finding me.
I wasn't likely to complain.

So the feeling grows.

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