Sunday, 13 December 2015


Don't judge me based on the words and actions of people around me.
Judge me on my thoughts, my words, my actions. If you have PROPERLY examined me and still think I'm wrong, then maybe engage with me. Give me a chance to change your mind. If at the end of that we still don't agree, so be it.
There are things I know I have done that are not nice, or popular or even necessary. I live with those choices, some more easily than others. If you don't understand, ask me WHY. Some people will still scoff or scorn me. And I will not try to make them see the truth, because if they will not hear my answers then I will never be able to make them and my energy would be wasted.
Today, I was blocked on FB by someone I have never met or conversed with. They judged me based on what they could see of my profile and based on someone they knew was associated with me. They sent me an unnecessary message explaining as much. When I asked them to judge me on my own very real merits, they dragged in some things that had nothing to do with me and were not my actions and continued to judge me on them. I pulled them up on the appropriateness of those actions and they continued to attack me. Then they blocked me.
I'm glad. They have saved me a lot of trouble.
Let me be completely honest. There are exactly 9 entities that can see absolutely everything I put on FB, myself and the FB company included. Everything else is filtered. People I am not connected to directly on here can see even less.
There is often a lot more to people than what you can see on the surface. Ask questions. If people don't want you to know, they won't tell you. But ask instead of assuming.
If you want to know something about me, ask. My general rule of thumb is that I'm happy to answer questions, I'm not happy answering jerks. The way you ask a question is as important as the question itself.
I'm not sure where else I need this post to go, so I'm going to leave it there.
Be excellent to each other.