Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Give it unconditionally...

Give me hope. Hope is what I need. I have been without it now for far too long. I need you to give it to me so I can continue to pretend everything will create a happy ending for me. I need it so I can ignore all the problems for just a little while longer. Give it to me.
Give me love. Love is what I need from you. I have never felt love before. I am hungry for it. If you can give me love, how could I want more than that? I would be full of rainbows and sunshine if you could just give me love. Love makes everything wonderful. Give it to me.
Give me trust. Trust is needed here. I can do anything if you trust me. I will do anything if you trust me. Trust gives us freedom to fly, to sing, to dance, to drink the glorious night. Trust is in the heart and soul, and to see the soul you must look into my eyes. To feel my soul you must share your soul with me. And surely if you can see and feel my soul, you can see I trust you. You would know if my eyes and lips were lying. So you can give your trust to me, can't you? Give it to me.
Give me time. You've given me so much so far, I need time now to process all of this. You gave me hope, which makes me beautiful. You gave me love, so I can give it again. You gave me trust, which means there are no lies told. This sounds too good to be true. I need a little time. Give it to me.
Give me space. If you're giving me time, give me some space as well. We'll see how much you trust me after I've been given some space. With enough space between us, you run the risk of letting someone come between us. But you've given me your trust and you love me, don't you? So it shouldn't be a worry for you. Would I really do that after you've given me so much? No, so some space is nothing. Give it to me.
Give me your word. I need your word that you're not just fooling around. I'll take your word if you give it to me. After all, you really can be trusted. Is all this really mine? I can really keep it? All of it? This is just too good to be true. It's perfect! I want your word on this though. give me your word and I'm all yours. Just give it to me.
I hope everything happens just like I planned. I love this part, the bit where I go out without you. Because you trust me, don't you? If I put enough distance between us, I know I'm going to have the time of my life with them. The space between me and them grows smaller and smaller as the time goes by. I love the thrill of the dance that they're leading me in. I just Hope they don't take too long, because I've got to get home before morning. Not that you'll say anything about it. I've got your word, haven't I?