Thursday, 18 August 2011

Time does not wait... Which can be a blessing and a curse...

Having returned from a trip interstate, I have decided I hate how consistent Time is. Time doesn't care what's going on in you life, it just keeps ticking by so repetitively. I get up during the day, go to bed in the evening. Repeat. Winter moves into Spring, into Summer, into Autumn, back into Winter. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, repeat. I hated having no power to stop Time and just enjoy what was going on around me, and I hated not being able to skip through the parts that just dragged on and on. But I have had a brain-wave. Why do we need to be confined to the tick tick ticking of that stupid clock. Let's sleep when we need to sleep, eat when we need to eat, the weather here is so volatile now, the seasons all blur together. Let's be honest with each other and let our friends know how it is we feel. In this age of technology, we can do that. Let's live with our minds and our hearts in sync. Let's take the batteries out of our clocks.

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