Friday, 4 March 2011

First of many writings of mine...

Oh, how beautifully you reflect me. I can see myself so clearly in your carefully polished surface. I can see how Time has built me up and worn me down. I can see how tears have stained my eyes. I can see how the smiles have creased my cheeks and the frowns creased my brow. I can see how the years have distorted my body from its former beauty. So perfectly reflected...

But let's not look at me anymore. Let's study you for a minute. Your slim body strikes envy in me, as does your finely carved face. Only the Gods could create such beauty as is there. You glisten in the dullest light. You shine blindlingly bright in the strongest light. Your keen edge cuts deep without much effort and you don't even care how much it hurts me. And why would you? You have no heart, no soul with which to feel or to sympathise or have mercy with. All you know is this earthly body and the pleasure that it gives. and how it pleases me to see you work, but only when you work upon me.

I crave that you plunge deep within my flesh again. Make my heart beat franticly as it rushes all my blood to you. And may my last bloody drop fall from me and my mind fall silent that you have deprived it of the ability to think, to function. Beat my breast that all the air is stolen from my lungs, so I cannot breathe.Bury yourself in my gore and cut short my life's thread. Release me from myself so I might join your realm, that of inanimate things. Let me lay still. Let me be split, flesh from bone. Let me feel nothing.

Go to your work. Sink your steel deep in my veins. Bleed me dry and hear how your blade sings as it feasts, covered in the crison river's waters. Marvel at how simple it is to strip me of my consciousness. Travel the length of the roads that lead to my heart, opening them up as you go for the maggots who will follow. This is to be the last time we meet in this life, so let's make it one to be remembered.

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